Are you looking for a guide on music festivals and bands in the United Kingdom? You have come to the right place. Here are some great books and resources that will help readers to navigate the world of British music festivals.

Festivals: A Music Lover’s Guide to the Festivals You Need To Know by Oliver Keens

This international guide to music festivals was published in 2021 and featured more than 50 bucket list festivals with photographs, facts, posters, and celebrated figures in the music world.

The Pop Festival: History, Music, and Media by George McKay

First published in 2015, this book is all about Pop festivals, cultural studies, musicology, sociology, music history, and media studies. This is an exploration of music festivals as an important part of the cultural landscape. Many experts see the year 2015 as the height of the modern music festival.

Edith Bowman’s Great British Music Festivals by Edith Bowman

This guide to British music festivals was published back in 2015, featuring guides and histories of the popular musical events hosted in the UK. This is an essential guide for music festival enthusiasts in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Music Festivals in the UK by Chris Anderton

Published recently in 2018, Music Festivals in the UK investigates the commercialised world of rock and pop festivals. It explores small and large events in the United Kingdom. People that are interested in media studies will find this book to be a good addition to their collection.

Find these books and follow this site online to learn more about music festivals and bands in the United Kingdom.